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Jan/Feb - Wedding/Honeymoon

March -
Round the Bays

April - Easter Escape

Every year there is held a walk from the center of Auckland city quite literally 'Round The Bays. Some treat it as a bit of a race - either against the fellow participants or versus times set in previous years. Personally, given the tendency for beautifully fine, but not overly hot weather at this time of year, as we start to descend into autumn, I figured it was a nice enough opportunity to take a leisurely (for me) walk with my camera - albeit merely the one in my phone. And to sweeten the pot, I'd come across it as a suggestion of an activity through my work, and they were putting on a post-event barbeque. Add to that the fact that proceeds go toward a variety of charities, and I couldn't really think of a compelling enough reason why not - I'm usually awake that early anyway.

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