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May - South Island

Not a huge collection of photos here; weather wasn't spectacular heading down the Desert Road - the mountains were hiding themselves from the press this weekend, so we'll have to try again another! Coming down past Taihape I took plenty of shots in the Country Roads section at the start of our Honeymoon, so it wasn't until Foxton that the camera was unlimbered - they have some spectacular murals, and we were lucky enough to be there when they had almost concluded their annual mural competition, so were able to see works in progress that would then be voted upon, the winner to be put up as a permanent installment in town.
  As an alternative route to just blatting down the motorway, I directed Rosie up onto the Akatarawa Road through to Upper Hutt, which she was enjoying splendidly, up until the point there were cars coming the other way on very thin stretches of road. But it was a lot more exciting that just another few klicks of ashpalt, zipping past everything at 100kph.
  Not many shots of our time there; I probably should have taken some of the people we managed to meet up with, but I never think to. I'm more a landscape photographer than portrait, unless specifically asked - if nothing else I'm usually talking far too much to be thinking of taking pictures :P Took one of the view from the flat of Natalie & Colin, who were kind enough to put us up on their sofa bed =D Best view I've woken up to since Lake Dudding.   Then, for some reason I didn't think to snap away much as we headed North through the Wairarapa plains to Hawke's Bay. I think I may have left my Olympus at home, and therefore only had my phone camera, which although equal in 3.2 MegaPixels, lacks the quality lens, and the optical zoom, necessary for from-the-car on-the-fly shots. We plan to revisit Wairarapa again sometime to get down to Cape Palliser, southmost point of the North Island, so there'll be plenty then, I'm sure ;o)

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Foxton Town Hall

Art Deco architecture

Snazziest supermarket award goes to...

Mural depicting Manawatu R.

Peaceful coinhabitance mural