Phew, well looking back over 2009 I wonder how we managed to fit it all in. Some say that when you get married you're "settling down" - I think Rosie & I put that concept quite firmly to one side! By the end of it, we'd explored nigh on the entire North Island together, as well as two quick weekends to the South, and an end-of-year treat to Aussie, and over the summer, extending into January 2010, we filled in even more blanks!
  We were pretty much literally all over the place this year, throughout the North Island at least. A good amount of that we dealt with on our honeymoon, and then our second honeymoon the weekend after ;o) It's all worked out rather well really - last year, we lived right in the city and didn't have a car, but that was okay since almost every band we've ever wanted to see live came to town and played the Vector Arena, just a 15 minute walk away. Now, there's been almost noone we've been interested enough to go see, and we live in Mt Eden now with a carport, and we now have a car, so we can indulge our travel itch! Big thanks go to my parents for deciding to upgrade their vehicle =D
  We even managed to make it to the South Island for near successive hectic weekends; now we just have to find a way to have a vehicle down there for our trademark back-country exploration!
  Anyway, enjoy the gallery; pictures are initially 232x174 thumbnails, opening to a 1024x768 full size image - should be large enough should you want to use one as desktop wallpaper. If you'd like a bigger copy for any reason, flick me an email to explain why and we can possibly sort something out - they're all taken at 2048x1536. Events are listed in reverse chronological order below.

Dec/Jan - Summer Hols Includes day-trip to Kairakau Beach while in HB for Xmas, and extends into Jan 10 down the East Coast and in-and-around Wellington.
Nov/Dec - Sydney Fairly extensive tour of Sydney, including Taronga Zoo revisited and the Blue Mountains.
Nov - Nihotupu Tramline Misty ambience of the inclement Waitakere rainforest.
Nov - Nickelback Some few pictures taken at Nickelback's Dark Horse Tour show in Auckland's Vector Arena.
October - Rosie's Graduation Pictures taken before, during and after Rosie's graduation ceremony.
September - Alice Cooper After making a huge impression at Rock2WGTN last year, when we heard the king of performance rock was to return to New Zealand for one show only, naturally we had to get tickets.
August - One Tree Hill Wander On one of the few fine days of Winter, we took the time to climb the most notable and arguably the most scenic of Auckland's volcanic cones.
June - Snow Hunting Rosie's birthday present - a trip to central North Island to play in the snow =D
June - HB Snow! Pictures taken by Ian of snow on the Hawke's Bay hills, the weekend we were enjoying relatively good weather in Dunedin, of all places!
May - Expedition South We took two trips to the South Island on seperate weekends in May, but I've stitched them together to make one continuous album.
April - Easter Yo-Yo How better to spend the long Easter weekend than travel all the way down to Wellington, then back home through Hawke's Bay?
March - Round The Bays Photographic study of the bays East of Auckland City as I participated in Round The Bays.
Jan-Feb - Wedding/Honeymoons Pages of pics taken by others on our big day, plus a whole heap taken by us on our honeymoons, first in Taranaki, then in Northland.