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March 16 -
Round the Bays

Thanks to all who took photos at our wedding - we've sorted through and chosen what we think the best of the hundreds that were taken throughout the ceremony and reception, as well as the more artistic portraits Jan took for us - an extreme thanks to her for giving us such a great record of the day.

Also, enjoy the chance to join us on our honeymoon road/camping-trip the week of the 25th January - 1st February; down through Central/Southern Hawke's Bay, up again through Manawatu, through Whanganui to Taranaki, and back through the Central Plateau to Rotorua, before returning home to Auckland via Matamata, Paeroa, Thames, and the Eastern Heads. View the full route here (warning: will take time to load)

Then, upon returning to work for the four-day-week before Waitangi Weekend, we got greedy and took a second honeymoon while we had the chance! The second arm of the North Island into which neither of us had ventured - Northland. Through the Kauri Forests of Trounson & Waipoua, up past 90 Mile Beach to Cape Reinga and Spirit's Bay, then back home via the Bay of Islands and Waitangi itself. If that all sounds a bit confusing, you can view this route here

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