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Oct - Rosie's Graduation

Nov - Nickelback

Nov - Oxfam Walk

Nickelback in all their blazing glory put on a huge show in Auckland. Kicking off the down-under leg of their Dark Horse tour, they were rearing to go and ready to party hard. No doubt they had to sacrifice some of their more spectacular effects in the confines of the Vector Arena, but it was still the most pyrotechnically ambitious rock show I've seen there - or at all, in the flesh, for that matter. Look forward to seeing you come back 'round again, boys.

Tripolar - good opener

Filling on up

On with a blast


Photograph ctnd.

Drum solo

Sparkle curtain


Acoustic time

Throwin' beer &
shootin' t-shirts

Ridin' back on black...

Takin' a bow