May - South Island

June - HB Snow

June - Snow Hunting

  1st of June, 2009. Rosemary & I were in Dunedin, where we thought we'd be likely to be seeing snow, that far South. We were correct - the hills got a light dusting, down to perhaps 200-300 meters? But as chance would have it, if we'd gone home to Hawke's Bay for the weekend - one of the warmest parts of the country in Winter, normally - we would've been treated to snow down to less than 200m - it was sleeting in the streets of Havelock North even, at the base of Te Mata Peak.
  Ian, Rosemary's father, waking to a cold similar to what he'd experienced when the family had lived in NY state, North-East USA, for a few years, expected to see snow on Kahuranaki - the largest peak in that part of the HB region, and just across the river from their home - but not nearly as much as could be seen when the curtains were drawn back. It required a trip around the other side of the Peak and back to retrieve a camera from his work, but he was back in time to capture some stunning scenes of a phenomenon not normally experienced in that part of the country.

All images Ian Horner, 2009

Mt Erin from Matangi Road

Kahuranaki from Matangi Road

Kahuranaki through the trees

Side garden/patio with snowy backdrop

House vista

Nature vista

River vista