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  Greetings; you've stumbled across the primarily personal, but occasionally professional, website from Andrew J. Cox. If you don't know me, then I'd be wondering what you're doing here; this site is mainly online storage for photos, stories, past website projects, and anything else I want to show off online - a little niche I've carved out for myself in the internet.
  All images, unless otherwise specified, are taken by (and therefore copyright of) me on my camera, an Olympus C-760, my wife's camera, a Canon Powershot IXUS-60, or my cellphone, being a Sony Ericsson K800i. No state of the art technology here =P

~ Special Features! ~


  My profile on DeviantArt, an artistically based website that allows the upload of pictures, kind of like Google Image search except with the ability to Favourite pictures for future reviewing, as well as the posting of comments or review of others works. Also acts as proxy for the sale of products featuring uploaded artwork, from plain canvas prints through to mouse pads and coffee mugs. Most of my style of photography lends best to postcards, in my opinion.

Our Big Day Out

  24th January, 2009; the marriage of myself & Rosemary.
  Pictures are available from the following link, both of the ceremony and the week's honeymoon around the North Island.


  Even after all this time, I'm still quite proud of this - my first real web design/development task, on the topic of Arizona, completed way back in 6th Form. After that, everything I do now seems a bit pale really - must have peaked too soon! Not that it's spectacularly great or anything, but it was one of those things that just came together really well, and seemed to just work.

Porsche: Profile Of A Supercar

  The page that I designed for my Degree course's IWD paper - it's very simple, but that's what I prefer (as you might have noticed) - fancy pages are usually just sugar-coating to hide the fact that it's crap. Well, this one's pretty crap too, but at least I'm honest about it :P I would've liked to outdo the efforts I accomplished back with my Arizona site, but just couldn't pull in the enthusiasm. Still did reasonably well, but I've never been quite as pleased with it - but I don't really know what I could do to make it better, either. I think things that are done because you feel you have to are always going to end up like that.

Gaia: A Civilization Novel

  As the icon by my sig indicates, I participated in National (or rather International) Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short, back in 2005. The following link is my contribution, edited from the 60,000+ words I submitted down to something less boring. It's still crap, but it could be worse. Better yet I'm feeling more motivated to work more seriously on my other novel, which keeps experiencing setbacks of one form or another, so the month wasn't wasted.

About the Author

If you wish to contact me for some reason, drop me a line to ajchimaera*at*gmail-dot-com