Well, since you've gone to all this effort, I suppose I'm obliged to give you a run-down on who/what I am. Prepare yourselves.

Date Of Birth: Friday, 13th March

Place Of Birth: Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand
Hobbies: Cycling, Gaming, Reading, Listening to Music, Talking with people
Fav. Games: Driving, 1st-P Shooters, Strategy & Simulation, eg. NFS, Halo, Red Alert/Warcraft, Civilization/SimCity (and similar). Recently, also World Of Warcraft, as I supposed is only to be expected from a software developer! I don't play nearly as often as I used to - I've got much better things to do these days! But I've got a few high level characters, and a reasonably encyclopaedic knowledge of the world - my memory's funny like that.
Fav. Books: Fantasy & Science-Fantasy mostly, as well as Action/Thrillers. Authors include David Eddings, Raymond E. Feist, Tolkien, Peter F. Hamilton, Michael A. Stackpole, Aaron Alston, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, John Marsden, Robert Jordan. And most (nearly all) STAR WARS novels.
Fav. Music: U2, Nightwish, Metallica, Linkin Park, Fuel, Eagles, Nickelback, Shihad/Pacifier, Blindspott, Live, Matchbox 20, Disturbed, etc. Mostly bands that write & perform their own material, with meaningful lyrics, and music that work with the lyrics to create the track.
Misc: I'm also a big fan of well-presented travel & wildlife docos - esp. Michael Palin and David Attenborough. Then there's comedy, which I'm almost bi-polar about. On the one hand, Monty Python is GREAT - lunatic, slap-in-the-face comedy that ranges from strange to downright weird. But then, at the other end of the spectrum, Robin Williams, Eddie Izzard, Billy Connolly, Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran - just good stand-up, really.

Well, that's pretty much me. Run along now; nothing more to see here.
If you wish to contact me, you can contact me at ajchimaera*at*gmail-dot-com - but only if it is meaningful, please.