Designed primarily for racing, but in general production, the Carrera RS series were the first to include a ducktail rear spoiler to help rear-end stability at high speeds - something that the predominantly rear- or mid-engined Porsche range could do with more of. New RS entrants in '73 were the RS 3.0 sports variant (specs below) and the RSR 3.0, featuring a larger rear wing and air intakes incorporated into flared wheel-arches.


Top Speed (kph):245 (152 mph)Length (mm):
0-100 kph:4.9sWidth (mm):
Power (BHP):230 @ 6,200 rpmHeight (mm):
Engine:3.0L Rear-Engined Flat-6; RWDWeight (kg):

Distinguishing Features: Large 'duck-tail' that is the hallmark of the Carrera RS series.