Developed after Porsche's 1994 LeMan victory with the 956 to replace the decades-old design with a new and improved international sports car. The final 1998 model, redesigned with a carbon-fiber body tub and incorporating an F1-style sequential shift gearbox, Porsche finally recaptured LeMan in it's 50th anniversary year. To meet regulations, a road version was also released, though only a few for select customers - at an original price of US$912,000.


Top Speed (kph):310 (192 mph)Length (mm):4,710
0-100 kph:<3.7sWidth (mm):1,980
Power (BHP):544 @ 7,000 rpmHeight (mm):1,173
Engine:Twin-Turbo 3.2L Flat-6 Weight (kg):1,250

Distinguishing Features: The huge rear spoiler and body styling reminiscent of a wing show that this car means business.


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