Based on the 924, the 944 was developed in 1982 with wider wheel-arches and a 2.5L Inline-4. Upon it's release, the 944 effectively split the market, and 924 sales started to drop for the first time. They both remain best-sellers throughout the mid-80s, with constant engine revisions, and a Turbo model introduced in 1986. Final engine sizes by 1988 are 3.0L, with the Turbo receiving an all-new 5-Speed transmission.


Top Speed (kph):261 (162 mph)Length (mm):
0-100 kph:5.5sWidth (mm):
Power (BHP):217 @ 5,800 rpmHeight (mm):
Engine:2.5L Front-Engined Straight-4; RWDWeight (kg):1,402

Distinguishing Features: Being Transaxle (Front-engined), the car's styling makes it appear long-nosed, accentuated by being only 2-door.