Not so much a car as an institution, the 911 was originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche III. This classic design has remained throughout the years with only minimal improvements, and is very much the signature of the company. Developed in the early 1960's with a 2.0L engine, the engine size has been continually revised and enlarged over the years, with today's standard 911 engine being 3.6L, developing up to 420-BHP in the Turbo.


Top Speed (kph):209 (130 mph)Length (mm):4,166
0-100 kph:Width (mm):1,610
Power (BHP):130 @ 6,100 rpmHeight (mm):
Engine:2.0L 6-CylinderWeight (kg):1,080

Distinguishing Features: Instantly recognizable styling; telling the variants apart however takes a serious Porsche connoisseur.