Saturday 24th

Sunday 25th

Preparation Ceremony Artistic Groups Reception

Firstly, a big thanks to my cousin Jan, who's responsible for a good deal of the preparation shots, and almost all the Artistic and Group shots. Also, obviously, we were a bit preoccupied to be able to take any ourselves, so we really appreciate all those who were roaming with their own cameras, and who have sent their collections to us so we could include the best ones into this compilation.

And of course, thanks to all of you who were able to share this special day with us - even those who, while not there in body, were often in our thoughts. Hopefully this album will help to give a sense of being there for those we love in far-away lands, and those who were, for diverse reasons, unable to make it.

  Along with the thumbnails displayed, I've made sure a larger version of the photos is available as a link; these are 1024x768 resolution, and should be sufficient for a reasonable 6"x4" print, but if you'd like the higher resolution original of any of those featured, just email us and we can get that to you. Email address is aj.ra.cox *at* gmail-dot-com.

Last and most certainly not least of all, an enormous thank you goes to our parents, for let's face it, neither of us would be here today otherwise, and the wedding wouldn't nearly have been as special if it weren't for all the help and advice we were given throughout.

Lots of love;

Rosemary & Andrew Cox