AJ Chimaera - Do or Do Not; There is no Try... Official NaNoWriMo 2005 Winner!

~ Escape Routes ~

  Not so much a portal page, since I obviously don't have this as my home page - I've got an iGoogle for that - but a few miscellaneous links to mostly weird, though sometimes wonderful things all over the place. Emphasis is obviously placed on things I've had involvement in.

  Questionable Content - Webcomic updated daily by Jeph Jacques - recognized numerously by the Web Cartoonists Choice Awards (sort of like the Oscars) for its comic goodness. Follows the trials and tribulations of a posse of young adults living in Northampton, MA and the antics they and their anthropomorphic robots get up to. Book forthcoming.

  AppleGeeks - another WebComic surrounding the antics of young adults and their androids - I'm noticing a trend in my addictions! AG is much more zany than QCs Slice-of-Life though. Published in two forms - full page colour (available for purchase in book form) and simple 4-panel Lite. As you may assume by the name the PoV is very Apple-centric, a view I do not personally share, but the comedy can be appreciated regardless of affiliation.

  XKCD - the original webcomic of which I was a fan. Simplistic, often intellectually-based comedy, provoking anything from a mild chuckle to recontemplation of long held existential beliefs.

  John Howe Website/Portfolio/Forum - the site on which much time can be spent perusing the works of a modern master, and also the forum where I spent a lot of 'net time with the wacky & wonderful denizens thereof :D

  My DeviantArt page - in case you missed it up the top of page, or were wondering what it was, DeviantArt is another place for pictures to be hosted, one I investigated before deciding to host things myself here. One noticeable advantage it has over DIY hosting like this is its acting as a go-between for merchandise incorporating artworks, from canvas prints to mousepads and coffee mugs.