A desert wren surveys it's seemingly barren territory Cliff faces eroded by the perpetual passage of years Four Peaks on the horizon, near Tempe


The state capitol building in Phoenix in its architectural splendour The Phoenix Bank of America building looks down upon tree-lined boulevards posing as main streets With a commanding view of the state capital, the Phoenix Hyatt is luxury at its very finest A Western view from Papago Park; note the urban skyline in the dim distance


Sunrise lends a fiery hue to the Saguaro National Monument Sunset in the Sonoran, near Casa Grande Looking across the desert to one of the mesa outcroppings


The foothills dividing the Sonoran and Mojave deserts A forest of Joshua trees; yucca exclusive to the mid-altitude Mojave


One of the great wonders of the modern age; the Hoover Dam drops over 200m to the river below The arcing crest of the Hoover is almost 400m long By extension of the Hoover, Lake Mead is one of the largest artificially created bodies of water


The Barringer Meteor crater; remnant of definite extra-terrestrial contact

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